CLUB indulge Rules


The following rules form the basis of participation in the Chumash Casino Resort CLUB indulge program. Your participation in CLUB indulge will be governed by these rules. Please read these rules so that you understand your responsibilities under the CLUB indulge program. Your enrollment as a member of CLUB indulge and/or your use of your CLUB indulge card constitutes your acceptance of the CLUB indulge Rules.

Membership Terms

  1. CLUB indulge members must be 21 years of age or older. Valid photo identification is required for the following account activities; enrollment, information request, transactions, and profile updates. Types of valid photo identification include Driver’s license, Passport, State Identification Card, or Military Identification.
  2. Only one (1) member per CLUB indulge account. The CLUB indulge card is only for the personal use of the individual to whom it was issued, sharing cards is prohibited.
  3. CLUB indulge account benefits, rewards and offers are intended for the assigned member and are non-transferable, unless otherwise specified.
  4. By joining CLUB indulge, members consent to receiving marketing and informational communications from Chumash Casino Resort via email, direct mail and SMS. Members may update their marketing preferences any time at the CLUB indulge desk.
  5. Membership in CLUB indulge may be revoked or canceled at any time at management’s discretion and without notice.
  6. Failure by a member to comply with the CLUB indulge Rules, misuse of the CLUB indulge card, improper conduct, or any other violation as determined by management may subject the member to termination of CLUB indulge membership, forfeiture of all accumulated balances from a member's account, demotion of the member's account status, and/or forfeiture of all of a member's benefits.
  7. Banned, barred and excluded members are not eligible to accrue or redeem CLUB indulge offers, Points, Comp Dollars or Free Play.
  8. Employees of the Chumash Casino Resort and Santa Ynez Tribal Gaming Agency are not eligible for CLUB indulge membership.
  9. All decisions concerning the interpretation and application of these Rules are within the sole discretion of management.
  10. Management reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.

Card Issuance & Usage

  1. Valid Photo identification must be presented for card issuance and use. The CLUB indulge card cannot be used as a form of Identification.
  2. Duplicate CLUB indulge cards will be issued with proper identification. Chumash Casino is not responsible for lost or stolen CLUB indulge cards.
  3. Multiple cards may be issued for members who want to play multiple machines at a time. However, members distributing their cards to other players may have their membership revoked and all remaining balances surrendered.
  4. Each member is responsible for selecting a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) for his/her account and for keeping the PIN secure. Each member is responsible for all transactions on his/her account when his/her confidential PIN is used.
  5. A member is required to present valid photo identification bearing the same name as stated on his/her CLUB indulge card when requesting that his/her confidential PIN be reset or changed.
  6. It is the CLUB indulge member’s responsibility to properly insert their membership card into a slot machine or present it to pit personnel/bingo seller before playing.
  7. Chumash Casino is not responsible for untracked play due to player negligence or improper insertion of the CLUB indulge card.

Benefits & Rewards

  1.  A member qualifies for the corresponding benefits (as identified by Chumash Casino and listed on its website: on the date that the member earns the minimum amount of Tier Points associated with the tier level. Tier level benefits are valid from the date of tier level advancement until at least December 31 of the following year.
  2. Tier Point accumulation and qualification for Tier advancement is determined during the “earning year” (January 1 - December 31). Tier Points may be accumulated towards tier advancement during the defined earning year; however on January 1, Tier Points will be reset to zero (0). A member’s tier level will be established on January 1, based upon the Tier Points earned from the previous earning year.
  3. CLUB indulge benefits and rewards are earned based on the member’s play while using their CLUB indulge card.
  4. A member is required to present valid photo identification bearing the same name displayed on their CLUB indulge card in order to use Comp Dollars and/or utilize their Tier Discount at point-of-sale locations.
  5. A member’s accumulated Points and Comp Dollars will be subject to forfeiture if the member’s CLUB indulge account does not reflect any activity (which means earning of points) for a rolling period of thirteen (13) months.
  6. Management reserves the right to adjust any Point and/or Comp Dollar balance resulting from malfunctions, operational errors and/or fraud.
  7. Any disputes regarding the accumulation of Points and/or Comp Dollar balance maintained in a CLUB indulge account will be reviewed by management. Management’s decision is final and binding.
  8. A member may not accrue Points, Tier Points or Comp Dollars if their CLUB indulge card is used by another player.

Nothing herein shall limit or waive the sovereign immunity of the tribe or the Chumash Casino Resort, or any employee or agent for either.