Frequently Asked Questions


What is Club Chumash?

Club Chumash is the Rewards & Loyalty program that allows you to earn exclusive benefits and offers. With a Club Chumash Card, you become one of our most valued players and guests. Whether you play Slots, Table Games, or Bingo, your play will be recognized and rewarded every time you use your card. Click here for the Club Chumash Brochure for more details.

Who is eligible to join Club Chumash and is there a fee?

Club Chumash membership is FREE! Must be at least 21 years of age and provide a valid government issued photo I.D. Please visit Club Chumash on your next visit to join!

Can I have more than one account?

No. Only one account is permitted per guest.

What are the tier levels and how do I move up the levels?

Earn your way to more rewards with a Gold, Platinum, or Black membership card. The more Tier Points you earn, the higher your Tier level and the greater your rewards.

Preferred – There is no Tier Point minimum, new Club Chumash members immediately qualify for the benefits of the Preferred tier.

Gold - Earn 20,000 Tier Points annually to achieve Gold status.

Platinum – Earn 50,000 Tier Points annually to achieve Platinum status.

Black – Earn 150,000 Tier Points annually to achieve Black status.

How do I earn Tier Points?

Automatically earn Tier Points by inserting your Club Chumash card on every Slots spin or by presenting it when playing Table Games or Bingo.

$10 of Slot Machine coin-in = 1 Tier Point

$20 of Video Poker coin-in = 1 Tier Point

$10 Bingo Buy-in = 1 Tier Point (excluding floor sales)

Tier Points earned for Table Games play are based on type of game played, length of play, and average bet per hand (excluding Poker).

Does my Club Chumash Card expire?

Club Chumash tier cards expire 11:59 pm, October 31st each year. Tier Points earned from November 1 to October 31 qualify you for your tier beginning each November 1. As you achieve Tier level milestones, you’ll immediately start to enjoy your new Tier benefits.

Tiered Points are re-set to zero at the beginning of each qualifying cycle.

What should I do if I lose my Club Chumash card?

Simply visit Club Chumash, the Hotel or any Blackjack table and request a replacement card. Gold, Platinum and Black Club members may visit the Host Office for a replacement card. Unfortunately we cannot mail your card to you.


What is Free Play?

Free Play rewards Players with free slot play on their Club Chumash card for use in participating slot machines. Free Play offered in conjunction with a direct mail offer or special promotion may expire depending on the offer, please pay attention to the valid dates listed on any promotional offers you receive so you won't miss out on any Free Play! You may download your Free Play by entering in your PIN. Free Play credits are non-refundable, non-cashable and non-transferable.

What are Reward Points?

Get extra time on your favorite machine for free when you redeem Reward Points for Free Play right at your Slot Machine. 100 Reward Points = $1 FreePlay.

How do I earn Reward Points?

When you play Slots or Bingo use your Club Chumash card and start earning Reward Points.

$10 of Slot Machine coin-in = 1 Reward Point

$20 of Video Poker coin-in = 1 Reward Point

$10 Bingo Buy-in = 1 Reward Point (excluding floor sales)

What are Comp Dollars and how do I used them?

Comp Dollars are the fastest and most convenient way to self-comp while visiting the Chumash Casino Resort. Comp Dollars may be used at our Restaurants, Hotels, Spa and Gift Shop. Comp Dollars are not redeemable for cash or Free Play.

How are Comp Dollars earned?

Comp Dollars earned on Slot Machines are determined by game type and time played. Comp Dollars earned at Table Games are determined by game, average bet per hand and time played at the table (excluding Poker).

Do my Reward Points and Comp Dollars expire?

Reward Points and Comp Dollars will not expire as long as you play on your Club Chumash account every 12 months.

Why do I need a PIN number?

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) enables you to access Free Play, convert Rewards Points to Free Play and check the balances associated with your Club Chumash Card. It is very important to keep your PIN number private so that no one else can download your Free Play. You may change your PIN number at any time by visiting the Club Chumash desk and showing proper identification.


How do I earn entries for drawings and other promotions?

Earn entries by playing with your Club Chumash Card at slots, bingo and table games (excluding Poker). Entries are automatically calculated and awarded to you electronically. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that his/her card is properly inserted into the machine and/or present their Club Chumash card to pit and bingo personnel before playing.  Must be 21 years or older and a member of Club Chumash to enter any drawing/promotion. See Club Chumash for specific promotion rules.

How do I know my entries are included in the Drawing?

To be eligible for a drawing, Club Chumash drawing participants must check-in for the drawing on the day of the drawing.  Check-in begins 2 hours prior to the drawing time on each drawing date. Once checked-in, Club Chumash members are eligible for that promotions drawing.

Once checked in, Club Chumash members are eligible for that promotions drawing. See Club Chumash for specific rules.

How do the drawings work?

Winners are randomly selected at designated drawing times using the virtual drawing system. The prize and name of the winner is announced throughout the casino floor. Winners have a set amount of time to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed within the time allowed another entry will be drawn.

Do I have to be present to win during car drawings or other promotions?

Yes, you must be present at the designated date and time to be eligible to win. Winners have a set amount of time after their name is called to report to Club Chumash to claim their prize. Winners must be present before the time on the countdown clock has expired and provide valid photo identification to claim prize. See Club Chumash for specific rules.

How many times am I eligible to win drawings?

There is no limit to how many drawings you can win. So, it pays to stay and play with your Club Chumash Card.

When do my drawing entries expire?

Entries expire following the last giveaway on the designated drawing date. However, you automatically begin earning entries for the next drawing when you start playing with your Club Chumash Card again.


Where can I get a Win/Loss Statement?

Visit Club Chumash and a representative will be happy to assist you. Must provide a valid government issued photo I.D.. 



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