The Willows

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Our Four Diamond rated restaurant, The Willows specializes in mouthwatering prime steaks and seafood, together with an extensive selection of local and imported wines. The menu features fresh and flavorful ingredients from local farms, ranches and gardens. Come experience it all in a comfortably elegant setting. For more information call 805.686.0855.


Sunday-Thursday, 5pm-10pm

Thursday (Concert Night), 5pm-11pm

Friday & Saturday, 5pm-10pm


Sunday - Thursday, 4pm - 11

Friday & Saturday, 4pm - 12am 

* Menu item contains raw or undercooked food products


  • LAND
  • SEA
  • LAND & SEA

    Beef Carpaccio* - 16
    pine nuts, arugula, grana padano, summer black truffles

    Ahi Tartare* – 15
    pink grapefruit, mango, wonton, soy vinaigrette, sriracha

    Foie Gras – MP
    peach jam, almonds, mesclun, brioche french toast

    Grilled Oysters* – 18
    scampi sauce, cocktail sauce, grilled lemon, half dozen

    Calamari* – 12
    fennel, sweet onion, asparagus, jalapeno yogurt

    Candied Bacon - 10
    pork belly, watermelon, whiskey sauce, pickled rind

    Crab Cake - 18
    lump crab, corn relish, frisee, pickled onions, finger lime

    Artichoke – 12
    grilled, charred lemon, olive oil, chipotle aioli

    Seafood Tower* - MP
    oysters, king crab, lobster, shrimp, traditional sauces

    Cheese and Cured Meats* - 26
    cheese: point reyes, purple moon, midnight moon 

    meats: prosciutto, salami, pepperoni

    Bisque* – 11
    lobster meat, vanilla bean, tarragon, brandy

    Beet – 10
    baby chioggia beet, golden beet, shaved fennel, goat cheese

    Caesar* – 10
    romaine heart, caesar dressing, goat cheese toast, white anchovy

    Sweet Onion - 10
    french, new castle, cabernet, swiss, grana padano, crostini

    Wedge - 8
    iceberg, tomato, pancetta, gorgonzola, custard egg

    Watermelon - 10
    compressed and grilled, sunflower seeds, cilantro lime vinaigrette, midnight moon cheese

    Mac* – 25
    lobster, white cheddar, provolone, parmigiano, prosciutto

    Potato Gratin - 8
    white cheddar, garlic, cream

    Asparagus – 8
    grilled, olive oil, garlic

    Summer Succotash – 8
    fava beans, heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, basil, garlic

    Baked Potato – 8
    16oz, chives, sour cream, white cheddar

    Garlic Green Beans – 8
    olive oil, garlic, toasted almonds

    Mashed - 6
    potatoes, buttermilk, beurre blanc, chives

    Risotto - MP
    chef inspiration of the day

    Wild Mushrooms - 8
    assorted forest mushrooms

    Truffle Fries - 9
    parmesan, white truffle oil, roasted garlic

    Corn Relish - 6
    roasted corn, red peppers, onion jalapeno

    Brussels Sprouts - 8
    fried chicharron, kale spread

    Our meats are sourced from small packers from all over the United States and aged to our specifications. Chef Sergio hand cuts all of our steaks on site. Our steaks are seasoned with Hawaiian red sea salt and signature spices.

    top sirloin* 12oz - 30
    filet 8oz* - 42

    kansas* 14 oz - 35
    ribeye* 16 oz - 43
    flat iron* 12 oz - 27
    porterhouse* 22 oz - 65

    bone-in ribeye* (serves 2) 45 oz - 98
    new york* 12 oz - 32

    King Crab* – MP
    alaskan, chive risotto, lemon pudding, finger lime

    Cioppino* – 68 serves 2
    clams, scallop, shrimp, halibut, crab, salmon, saffron tomato broth

    Alaskan Halibut* – 35
    macadamia nut crust, coconut rice, mango papaya relish, kiwi sauce

    Ahi* – 35
    sesame, snow peas, red onion, jalapeno plum sauce

    Scallops* and 6 oz Filet* – 55
    pesto whipped potatoes, charred broccolini

    Lobster* and 6 oz Filet* – 78
    buttermilk whipped potatoes, spinach, charred lemon, beurre blanc

    Linguini and Clams*- 25
    little neck clams, garlic, chili flakes

    Roasted Jidori Chicken - 24
    thyme, garlic, artichoke, fingerling potato, bourbon chicken demi

    Pan Seared Lamb Chops* - MP
    israeli couscous, forest mushrooms, cucumber raits, chimichurri demi

    Braised Short Ribs – 26
    boursin mashed potatoes, baby carrots, charred spring onions, gremolata

    Veal Chop – 42
    pepperonata, asparagus, croquette, capers, meyer lemons, pan juice reduction

    Maple Leaf Duck – 35
    seared breast, confit leg, quinoa, snow peas, heirloom carrots, napa cabbage, cherry reduction