The Willows

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Our Four Diamond rated restaurant, The Willows specializes in mouthwatering prime steaks and seafood, together with an extensive selection of local and imported wines. The menu features fresh and flavorful ingredients from local farms, ranches and gardens. Come experience it all in a comfortably elegant setting. For more information call 805.686.0855.


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    Shaved bison - 18

    Carpaccio, bison, micro arugula, black truffles, bacon vinaigrette, caper berries, grana padano, radish

    Cheese and cured meats - 20

    Cheese: point reyes, san andreas, purple moon

    Meats: prosciutto, salami, pepperoni

    Cured salmon - 16

    House cured salmon, trout caviar, olives, mustard cream

    Jumbo Lump- 18

    crab cake, fingerlime, dill, mustard cream, red onion

    Smoked duck liver - MP

    Foie gras, lingonberry, cinnamon smoke, pineapple compote

    Candied bacon - 12

    Pork belly, seared fennel, whiskey sauce, pickled grapes

    Prime filet - 18

    Tartare, mustard, egg yolk, W sauce

    Oysters - 18

    Frozen mignonette, flying fish roe, lime juice, half dozen

    Artichoke - 12

    Grilled, charred lemon, chiptle aioli

    Seafood tower - MP

    Oysters, king crab, mussels, lobster, jumbo prawns, traditional sauces

    Bisque - 12

    Lobster meat, vanilla bean, tarragon, whipped

    Pea - 8

    Split pea, fresh pea, Virginia ham, fall succotash, watercress

    Sweet onion - 10

    French, new castle, cabernet, swiss, crostini, grana Padano

    Beet - 10

    Baby Chioggia beet, golden beet, shaved fennel, goat cheese

    Wedge - 8

    Iceburg, tomato, pancetta, gorganzola, custard egg

    Ceasar - 10

    Romaine heart, ceasar dressing, goat cheese toast, white anchovy

    Pear - 10

    Danjou, blue cheese, fennel, pomegranate, lemon vinaigrette

    Mac - MP

    Lobster, white cheddar, provolone, parmigiano, prosciutto 

    Cream corn brulee - 6

    Roasted corn, black pepper candy

    Sweet potato au gratin - 6

    House made marshmallow

    Risotto - MP

    Chef’s inspiration of the day

    Wild mushrooms - 8

    Assorted forest mushrooms

    Asparagus - 6

    Olive oil, garlic 

    Smoked potatoes - 8

    Peewee potato, house sour cream

    Mashed potatoes - 8

    Potatoes, buttermilk, beurre blanc, chives 

    Baked Potato - 8

    Chives, sour cream, white cheddar,

    Brussel sprouts - 8

    Frided chicharon, kale spread

    USDA Certified 32 Wet Aged

    Top sirloin 12oz - 28

    Certified Angus/Midwest

    Bone-in Ribeye 20 oz - 54

    28 Days Dry-Aged/Prime

    New York 10 oz - 48

    Prime 32 Wet Aged

    Filet 8 oz - 36

    Snake River Farms / Wagyu

    Flat Iron 10 oz - 36

    Certified Angus / Midwest

    Porterhouse 22 oz - 56


    Steelhead - 26

    Horseradish cream, pickled shallot, kale spread, potato wrapped

    King Crab - MP

    Alaskan, butternut squash, peruvian potato, lemon pudding, fingerlime

    Poached Pacific Halibut - 32

    Olive oil, braised greens, beets, tarragon, spaghetti squash

    Diver Scallops - 32

    Prosciutto wrapped, shaved vegetable, apple, trout caviar

    Cioppino – 68 *serves two*

    Clams, scallop, shrimp halibut, crab, saffron tomato broth

    Lobster - 42

    north atlantic tail, arancini, spinach

    Grilled Bison Strip Loin - 38

    yellowfoot mushroom, winter root vegetable hash

    Roasted Jidori Chichen - 24

    wild mushrooms, mixed mesculin, bourbon chicken demi

    Pan Seared Colorado Lamb Chops - 56

    roasted cauliflower spread, harissa potatoes, mint gelee

    Braised Osso Bucco - 40

    Vanilla bean celeriac pure, cara cara orange gremollata

    Smoked Kurobuta Pork Chop - 32

    banana polenta, broccolini, port glaze, potato paille

    Maple Leaf Duck - 30

    Seared breast, confit leg, pickled cabbage, cranberries, smoke gouda croqet