A relaxing massage using light to medium pressue and long flowing strokes.
50 minutes/$95  80 minutes/$135

Deep Tissue

For those who prefer a firm touch, deep tissue is a slow, deliberate massage using elbows, forearms and knuckles to relieve tightness.
50 minutes/$105  80 minutes/$145

Sage and Stone Massage

Heated river stones and sage infused oil, blended with traditional massage techniques, deeply relax the muscles.
80 minutes/$160

Maternity Massage

For expectant mothers in their second or third trimester, a comfortable and relaxing massage.
50 minutes/$95

Herbal Scalp Treatment

Warm lavender and jasmine infused oil is used to nourish and moisturize scalp and hair. 
25 minutes/$45

Hand and Foot Massage

A combination massage targeting over-worked muscles.
25 minutes/$45

Stress Reliever

A concentrated massage of neck, back and shoulders. 
25 minutes/$45

Foot Reflexology

Pressure is applied to specific reflex zones on the feet.
25 minutes/$45

Lavendar Scrub

Sea salt and sugar body polish using local lavender from the Santa Ynez Valley. 
25 minutes/$55 (scrub only)


Expereince a Swedish massage side by side with a friend or loved one in our candlelit suite. 
50 minutes/$195 80 minutes/$275


Begin with a soak in a whirlpool tub followed by a 50 minute Swedish massage, side by side in our candlelit suite.

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