Full Body Massage

This ultra relaxing massage soothes tired muscles, reduces tension and improves circulation using long rhythmic strokes. Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques are used to achieve your desired pressure.
50 minutes/$95  80 minutes/$135

Full Body Massage with Foot Reflexology

The perfect combination! A therapeutic massage paired with foot reflexology will allow you to experience an intense sense of calm while benefiting from the detoxifying effects of reflexology.
80 minutes/$145 

Samala Stone Massage

For centuries, the Chumash Indians have used warm stones and sage to alleviate pain and renew the body and spirit. Smooth river stones are heated and used in conjunction with Swedish style strokes, while regional desert sage massage oil provides therapeutic benefits.
80 minutes/$155

Couples Massage

Experience your favorite massage with a loved one, side by side, in our duet suite.
50 minutes/$190 per couple 80 minutes/$270 per couple

Maternity Massage

Performed by specially trained therapists, this soothing massage for the mother-to-be increases oxygen and nutrition to the womb. (Guests must be within the second or third trimester.) Unscented lotion or oil is used.
50 minutes/$95

Two of Hearts

A romantic experience! Begin with a private bath in our whirlpool tub followed with 50 minute massages by candlelight in our duet suite.
80 minutes/$220 per couple

Healing Foot Massage

Beginning with the ancient practice of reflexology and ending with a traditional soothing foot massage, this experience will revive your feet and body in just 25 minutes.
25 minutes/$50

Fixer Upper

This mini-massage, using medium to firm pressure, concentrates on the areas that often carry stress: upper back, neck and shoulders.
25 minutes/$45

Dream Catcher

Great as an add on! Herbal infused oil is used to heal and moisturize your hair during your relaxing neck, scalp and ear massage.
25 minutes/$40

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