Spanish 21 – No Translation Needed

Learning a new language can be a daunting task. Either you take a night class at a community college, or you invest in audio sessions that teach you how to say inane statements you’ll probably never use in normal conversations.

Luckily, none of that is necessary for guests who want to play Spanish 21 at Chumash Casino Resort.

“There’s nothing Spanish about the game; that’s just the name,” says Scott Gregg, a table games manager at Chumash Casino Resort. “It’s like 21, except all of the 10s are removed from the decks, and there are a lot of bonuses involved. It’s become one of our most popular table games. We recently just added another table to meet the demand.”

Spanish 21 is played out of a six-deck shoe and has similar rules to a regular game of 21. However, in this game, a player’s blackjack always beats a dealer’s blackjack, and it pays 3-2 odds. A player’s total of 21 always beats the dealer’s total of 21, and it could pay up to 3-1, depending on your mix of cards. Players can Double Down with two or more cards on any total, and they can Double-Double Down, meaning the player has the option to double down again after the initial double down. Players can double the total wager up to three times – once via Double Down and twice via Double- Double Down – creating a maximum wager of eight times the original wager.

“I like this game because of the extra Double Down,” says Russell D. of Lompoc. “I think it gives you the chance to win a lot more in a short period of time.”

Other bonuses add to the game’s intrigue. The Match the Dealer bonus is a side wager that will be paid if either or both of the players first two cards match the dealer’s first two cards. Nonsuited matches pay 4-1, two nonsuited matches pay 8-1, one suited match pays 9-1, a nonsuited and suited combination match pays 13-1, and two suited matches pay 18-1.

The most lucrative element on the table is the Super Bonus, which will grant players a healthy return on their wager if the precise combination of 7s hit the felt. Here’s how it works: If a player’s first three cards are suited 7s and the dealer’s up card is any 7, the player will win 1,000 on their original $5-$24 or $5,000 on a bet of $35 or more.

And if you’re playing at a table when another player is dealt a Super Bonus, then you get $50 as an envy bonus.

“It’s fun because there’s more going on here than at a regular game of blackjack,” said Sara M. of Ventura. “It’s usually the first table I hit when I come here.”

– Written by Mike Traphagen

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