One Evening, Two Jackpots

Shellie K. had had a long day at work and she was in need of an escape. So she and a friend decided to head to the Chumash Casino Resort for some fun.

“It was a last-minute deal,” said Shellie, who lives in Ojai.

They spent a couple of hours on the main gaming floor playing slots and then decided to “take the last of what we had left and head to the high-limit room,” recalled Shellie.

“I put in $20 and I hit the jackpot. I couldn’t believe it,” Shellie remembered. “I just felt I couldn’t lose after that.”

Shellie was right. Not long after winning $22,500 playing 5 Times Pay, Shellie hit another jackpot worth $10,200 on the Double Jackpot Quick Hits.

“I was like, ‘wow,’ I felt I couldn’t be stopped,” Shellie said with a smile.

Good luck runs in the family. Shellie’s mother came along for the Chumash! Magazine photo shoot and decided to try her luck on the slots while her daughter was being photographed. She won a jackpot of $2,500. Shellie’s mother wasn’t the only winner during the 45-minute shoot. Jackpot winnings were happening everywhere. In fact, there were six separate jackpots totaling more than $42,000 in that time period.

So what’s Shellie’s secret?

“I’m a max better, that’s when it pays off,” Shellie said. “I come here to have fun, not to get rich.”

- Written by Hildy Medina

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