Don’t Miss Out on Our Battle of the Sexes Poker Tournaments

The rise of women in poker can be seen in tournaments, both large and small, throughout the country. At Chumash Casino Resort, novice and seasoned female players flock to the third-floor poker room, especially on Wednesday nights for the Battle of the Sexes tournament.

With just a $35 buy-in, the No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament begins with men and women seated at separate tables. Players eliminate the members of their own sex until the final five men and five women are left to clash at the final table.

“For $35, it’s a great source of entertainment because I like the women I play with,” said Michelle L. of Solvang. “There are a lot of regulars who come here, and we’ve all become friends. And it’s fun to go up against the guys. I don’t know how the guys feel about it. They probably couldn’t care less, but it’s fun for us.”

The format creates a unique dynamic at the final table, said Sharon G. of Carpinteria. Once the final table is set, all 10 players start with the same amount of chips – 15 times the last big blind that was played. It puts the competitors on a level playing field.

“What I’ve observed is that the women will have a tendency to let the men knock each other out,” Sharon said. “It doesn’t always work, but it frequently goes down that way. And, we have been known to – in recent months – knock all the men out and just play amongst ourselves. That’s been fun.”

Fred L. of Goleta says he enjoys the Battle of the Sexes tournament for personal reasons.

“I enjoy knocking my wife out the tournament,” Fred says with a wry smile. “My wife and I both play poker, so we come here a lot. There are a lot of couples who play in this tournament, so it’s not just a Battle of the Sexes, it’s a battle of husbands and wives.”

And when the final winner is crowned, they capture more than just the tournament’s top prize – they win $20 for each member of their sex at the final table.

“It’s really fun because of the camaraderie at the final table,” Fred said. “You find yourself cheering for other players, which is much different than other tournaments.”

The players agreed that the format and spirit of the Battle of the Sexes tournament makes it an excellent choice for beginners who are interested in poker but lack tournament experience.

“A rookie woman will feel more welcome at this Wednesday night tournament,” Fred said.

Sharon added: “New players don’t feel as intimidated when they play in this one. It’s a very good tournament for a person who’s learning. And, really, it’s the more the merrier.”

The weekly Battle of the Sexes tournament starts at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays in the poker room.

– Written by Mike Traphagen

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